Friday, March 31, 2023

Google Chrome Incognito Tab Will Require a Fingerprint to Unlock

Soon, Google Chrome for Android will add an extra layer of security to its “incognito” mode. Several Google apps for iOS also become able to authenticate users with Touch ID and Face ID for a while now. This feature is now coming to Android as well.

Google Chrome for Android will soon let you log in with your fingerprint on Incognito tabs. If you close Chrome with private tabs still open, the app will lock them with a biometric password right away.

When you start Chrome again, you’ll see a grey screen with an Incognito logo in the middle. When you tap the “Unlock Incognito” text on the website, a fingerprint unlocking screen will come up. You can enter your PIN in the lower left corner of the screen. You’ll now be able to use your regular tabs, and the overflow feature won’t change.

This feature can become helpful if you want to give your phone to someone but still need to use private tabs. To turn this off, go to the menu at the top of Chrome and choose Settings > Privacy and Security > Lock Incognito tabs.

Since not everyone has access to this feature yet. Some users cannot expect to use it for a while. But if you want to try this function for yourself, just type the following URL into the address bar of your browser:


Other Google apps for iOS, like Drive, Search, Fi, Chrome, and Authenticator, can also verify your fingerprint. It’s called “Privacy Screen,” and Android users need to use it more.

Since the release has already started, it will not take long until everyone can use it.

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