Saturday, December 2, 2023

Google Chrome Announces new Update for its Android users to Reduce Page Loading Speed

  • Google Chrome 89 launches for all platforms.
  • Chrome 89 has several improvements to make your browser faster.
  • Chrome 89 also solves crash problems by a wide margin.

Google Chrome is getting another quick update. Chrome 89 aims to improve browser performance and storage efficiency on both Windows and Android versions.

Apart from that, Chrome has received a lot of differences in the past due to its slow loading speed and crashes. Google claims that the latest Chrome 89 improved memory management will help browsers launch 13% faster than before.

Additionally, with Chrome 89, Google has reduced the number of Android crashes due to resource depletion. This is a 5% increase in memory usage and 7.5% faster initial time, and up to 22% faster page speed.

Additionally, according to the blog, Google claims significant memory savings for Windows – up to 22% in browser processing, 8% in the viewer, and 3% in GPU. This Google Chrome 89 update for Android has the performance boost the search giant detailed on Thursday, although a version released earlier this week.

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According to Google, the latest version of Chrome for Android will use fewer resources, start up faster, and start up 13 percent faster than before.

Google makes use of “Tab Freeze” which will help you load tabs faster than previous sessions. The macOS compilation fixes have also detailed.

On macOS, the latest version has less memory footprint for background partitions. While the company also shows an improved score from Apple Energy Impact. In other Google-related news, Chrome for Android version 86 also gets a new feature that lets users preview a page before opening it in the same or a new tab.

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This is in addition to another new feature that allows users to group similar tabs together. Google announced earlier this week that Chrome 89 will enable desktop sharing. It is a redesigned Discovery feed, a custom feed, and more.

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