Thursday, March 30, 2023

According to a Report Google banned Afghan government email accounts amid growing concerns that the Taliban were following their enemies

Google has banned several Afghan government email accounts, according to a report. There are fears that the Taliban are using email to hunt down those who have worked against them.
The Taliban promised amnesty to everyone, but reports of arrests and executions suggest otherwise. Google has banned several Afghan government email accounts since the Taliban took over, according to a source.

The report comes amid growing concerns about how the Taliban could seek revenge on those who have worked with the US government. The group has promised to grant amnesty to all, but reports from the ground appear to undermine those guarantees.

In a statement, Google did not specifically confirm that it was closing any specific accounts. But said it was “taking temporary measures to protect these accounts” while monitoring the situation in Afghanistan.
The source who told about the blocked account was a former official. He said the Taliban told him last month to record data on his agency’s servers.

“If I do that, they will have access to official data and communications from the previous ministry leadership”. He told the store, adding that he did not do what has asked and was now in hiding.

Taliban’s Have Also Seized Biometric Devices Used By US Soldiers

The Intercept reported last month that the Taliban had seized biometric devices held by the US military that could be used to identify Afghans who had worked with the United States.

During the takeover, the Taliban received thousands of classified files and salaries from the Afghan government. That may have included Afghans working in the country fighting the Taliban, New York Times officials said.
Despite assurances from the Taliban, sources told the Times that there were reports of arrests and enforced disappearances as well as executions. According to a former Afghan official, he was hiding when the Taliban broke into his home in the middle of the night while he was asleep in bed.

According to other reports, the Taliban went door to door looking for people with links to the West.

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