Friday, December 1, 2023

Google adds new Search Feature to tell the Users about Fake News

According to the Report, Google adds a new Search feature for its users to tackle the fake news and will tell them about fake news on Internet. Google is the most used search engine for people looking for answers to their questions. However, sometimes these reliable search engines can provide misinformation.

Sometimes users trust the search results that display, make them believe that the search results are genuine, and use this misinformation in their work and school, which can have a negative impact. Result Effect.

The problem with fake news on the internet doesn’t go away. In fact, it’s too big for tech giants like Twitter, Facebook and Google to hold it back. Twitter does its job by calling tweets “rigged media” and so on.

Facebook also has a few tools, but they are not enough. And now Google will start a search function to notify users about fake news.

At a recent I / O 2021 event, Google discussed a feature called “About These Results” in Search. This feature tells the user more about the source of the search results.

Google is working on it with Wikipedia. Users can see how a website describe and have a link to their Wikipedia page.

How it Works?

If a website does not have a description on Wikipedia, Google will show the user additional context that may be available, for example, when Google indexes the website for the first time.

Google users can also determine if their connection to a website is secure by using the HTTPS protocol, which encrypts all data between the website and the browser they use, so that they can stay safe while surfing the Internet.

The company has made it possible to use voice search and image search options in the gadgets it installs on Android phones.

They equipped with an update from Google Lens, the AR camera. Updates will release on Android devices first, followed by iOS.

In particular, this feature introduce in the United States in February this year. We plan to reach all users later this month, starting with results in English.

Results from other languages   are expected to be added in the future. This feature will initially be available for Android on mobile and desktop devices.

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