Friday, March 31, 2023

Google $100 Million “Alter” Acquisition Challenges TikTok

With a new purchase, Google is preparing to compete with one of its biggest social media rivals (TikTok). The software recently did take the AI (artificial intelligence) startup Alter for $100 million to compete with TikTok. With this startup, creators and people with a lot of influence can make avatars that represent themselves online.

LahoreHerald heard from people who are familiar with the situation that the acquisition did finish about two months ago. But neither company said anything about it publicly. This is then seen by the fact that the LinkedIn profiles of Alter’s top executives became did change to show that they joined Google without mentioning the acquisition.

The publisher’s sources did ask to remain anonymous due to giving out private information.

The news source has confirmed that Google did buy Alter. But Google hasn’t said anything about how much the deal cost. Jon Slimak and Robin Raszka, who started Alter, have not did respond to a request for comment.

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Alter started out as Facemoji in its U.S. and Czech headquarters. Using plug-and-play technology, its platform makes it simpler for game and app developers to add avatar systems to their apps. Investors, including Play Ventures, Roosh Ventures, and Twitter, did give the startup $3 million in seed funding. Later, the AI avatar platform is first did rename Alter.

People who know about the situation say that Google wants to use Alter to improve and expand its content offerings, but details are still unclear.

Google has done work extensively harder to compete with TikTok on social media. YouTube just got a new look last week, and now it’s making it a little bit easier to find Shorts on the site. Soon, these short videos will get their own tab on a creator’s profile, making them easier to find if you’re looking for a specific one.

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