Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Gmail will Soon Track Packages from the Inbox

Google is planning to add a new feature to Gmail that will let users track their delivery packages without ever having to leave their inbox. It’s a pain to try to track the delivery online. Because the trackers always seem to send you to a new website that doesn’t always work.

Soon, you won’t click on the tracking links that most online stores give you while your product is doing process or has done ship. Soon, you’ll be able to keep tabs on your packages without ever having to leave Gmail or Inbox. This new feature comes just in time for the holiday shopping season when people often buy more things online.

We expect Gmail’s tool for tracking packages. Which Google says may become available to most major US shipping companies in the next few weeks, and will also make available in other places. Once the feature is up and running. A request to track packages will show up in the header of your email. You can turn off the tracking of packages at any time.

This is because Google won’t check for updates automatically unless you tell it to.

If you turn on package tracking, you’ll be able to see the status of your package deliveries. An estimated time of arrival is right below the subject line of your email messages. Information like “label did manufacture,” “arriving tomorrow,” “did deliver today,” etc. are did include. So that things are easy, it will only show the bare minimum.

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Google also has plans to add many more improvements to this feature in the coming weeks and months. Gmail will make sure you don’t miss anything important by highlighting the relevant email and adding a delay label if your package is delayed in transit.

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