Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Gmail Blocks More Than 100 Million Cyber Attacking Attempts Daily

Google says Gmail blocks more than 100 million attacking attempts every day. Google Play Protect scans more than 100 billion apps for malware and other issues as nation-state and criminal cyber attacks become bolder and more effective.

The past six months have seen some of the most widespread and alarming cyberattacks on digital infrastructure in history. It is against utilities, private sector companies, government agencies and people in democracies around the world.

Google Statement on Gmail Attacking attempts

“We are very concerned about this trend. Safety is the cornerstone of our product strategy. We have dedicated teams like Project Zero focused on finding and fixing network vulnerabilities. It helps to keep the internet safer for all of us,” he said. Kent Walker, SVP of Global Affairs at Google.

Google said companies in the United States had pledged to support the latest White House cybersecurity regulations. This take important steps to improve American cybersecurity in key areas.

Google says it has strong support for modernizing computer systems, makes security simple and scalable by default. It uses best practices as an untrusted framework.

“As we’ve seen with the Solar Winds and Microsoft Exchange attacks, proprietary systems, interoperability. The data portability limitations can increase network vulnerabilities by helping attackers scale up their efforts,” Walker said.

“At Google, we have focused on software supply chain security and have a long history of developing technology and advocating for standards. It enhance software integrity and security,” he added.

FBI and US Justice Department Remarks

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the US Department of Justice have commented on the increasing number of ransomware attacks and have announced that they will treat such cyber incidents as terrorist attacks.

Major meat producer JBS USA suffered a cyber attack and ransom demands came from a criminal organization believed to be based in Russia.

The latest ransomware attack comes weeks after a similar cyberattack on Colonial Pipeline forced the company to shut some 8,500 miles of fuel lines for days.

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Significant improvements in cybersecurity, according to Google, require the public and private sectors to work together in areas such as sharing information about cyber threats; Develop a comprehensive defensive security strategy to protect against ransomware. It coordinate how they identify and invest in next-generation security tools.

“The government needs industry support and we are ready and willing to do our part,” Walker said.

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