Monday, December 4, 2023

Gloria Steinem says the media misrepresents Meghan Markle

Gloria Steinem says that the media’s depiction of Meghan Markle does not accurately reflect who she really is.

In a recent interview with PEOPLE, Steinem talked about the Duchess of Sussex. During that conversation, she called her a “wonderful person.”

She began by saying, “I’m not an expert in the media, but it appears to me that the portrayal of her in the media is different from reality.”

“Not only is she humorous, but she’s also really dedicated to fighting for social justice.”

“Perhaps the problem lies with the tabloids published in the United Kingdom.

Ms. Steinem continued by saying, “For a while, we were living almost next door—well, what counts as next door in California, which is like 45 minutes away.”

“As a result, we became acquainted with one another,” she continued.

Historically, Ms. Steinem After Meghan’s explosive interview with Oprah, Harry gave her a gift for the year 2020. A bracelet with the inscription “We are linked, not ranked” was presented to Meghan by Ms. Steinem.

In an interview with PEOPLE, Ms. Steinem stated, “I believe that we as human beings—oor maybe living creatures on planet Earth, right?—are linked, not ranked.”

We rank each other based on our racial and gender identities as well as our socioeconomic status, but this does not reflect reality.

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