Monday, December 11, 2023

Gloria Estefan wants the Cuban protestors to get worldwide support

Born in Cuba, the music diva Gloria Estefan urged the United Nations on Friday to criticise Havana’s Communist regime for its huge protest crackdown.

Gloria Estefan who when she was two years old, fled Cuba for the US with her family stated that she hoped the protests were supported by Cuban police and the military.

Thousands went on the streets of Cuba’s cities on Sunday to protest power failures, a rise from COVID-19, widespread shortages in essential necessities, and a system for a single party.

This week, protests were the most serious in decades in Cuba when security forces were deployed and supporters of government organised.

On Friday, United Nations Chief of Human Rights Michelle Bachelet called on Cuba for the release of demonstrators and newspapers imprisoned and criticised the disproportionate use of force on some of them.

Estefan, a Grammy winner three times, said she was proud of the young Cubaans who risked protesting their lives.

"From a position of freedom and convenience it is extremely simple to talk. They're doing the hard work and from the bottom of my heart I commend them and I appreciate them for their bravery "She said.

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