Thursday, June 8, 2023

Global outcry of petrol price rise

The coalition partners of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) joined the Opposition parties in criticising the government on Friday after a huge increase in the price of petroleum goods was announced.

The finance ministry stated today that the price of gasoline would be increased by Rs8.03 per litre, a day after Prime Minister Imran Khan warned the people that a raise in fuel costs was approaching.

In response to the development, the Rabta Committee of the MQM strongly opposed the increase, emphasising that it will have a direct impact on the cost of basic commodities.

A statement from the party’s Rabta Committee claimed, “The public has already been crushed under the weight of inflation.” “It is not a good move to place the full weight of rising food prices on the shoulders of the general populace.”

The party recommended the government to eliminate “unnecessary spending” rather than transferring the weight of inflation onto the shoulders of the general public.

“The prime minister should show mercy to the people and withdraw his plan to raise the pricing of petroleum goods,” the statement continued.

Another ally of the ruling party, the PML-Q, also expressed displeasure with the increase in petrol prices, claiming that the prime minister’s relief package was insufficient for the general public.

“The country is experiencing terrible inflation, the poor are being crushed, and no one appears to care,” said Kamil Ali Agha, a member of the Pakistan Muslim League-Q, on Geo News’ morning broadcast Geo Pakistan. “No one appears to care.”

‘Consultations’ are not important to the PTI government, according to him.

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