Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Global coalition met to take action against Islamic state militants

US Secretary of State and Italian Foreign Minister jointly chaired the meeting of top officials from the bloc of 83 members.

Members of the global coalition fighting the Islamic State (ISIS) militant groups gathered to mark future steps against the group. The meeting came just a day after the United States airstrikes against Iran backed militias near the Iraq and Syria border. US Secretary of State and Italian Foreign Minister jointly chaired the meeting of top officials from the bloc of 83 members.

The coalition hopes to stabilize territory liberated by ISIS, hold foreign fighters accountable for their actions, and combat extremist communications. Other significant international priorities, including tackling the coronavirus pandemic an escalating the fight against climate change are already in plan.

They need to increase coalition action by expanding the areas in which they can operate. Moreover, US is seeking to withdraw its military from Afghanistan.

Global coalition participants saw ongoing efforts to completely defeat ISIS whose remnants remain a threat. They are not just limited to Iraq and Syria. There are an alarming increase in ISIS activity particularly in the Sahel, Mozambique and the Horn of Africa. They asked the coalition to create a special mechanism to deal with threats in Africa.

Anthony Blinken announced new US contribution for Global coalition

Mr. Blinken noted that despite the defeat, ISIS elements in Iraq and Syria are still seeking large-scale attacks. This situation is untenable. It cannot go on continuously. Together we must remain as committed to our stabilization goal as our campaign is to victory on the battlefield.

For this purpose Mr. Blinken announced new US contribution of $436 Million for coalition.

He also announced sanctions against Ousmane Illiassou Djibo. He is a native of Niger and a key IDF leader in the Greater Sahara. Djibo has identified as a global terrorist. Further, some of his American assets have frozen and barred from making any transactions with anyone.

In addition to the global coalition meeting, foreign ministers from countries concerned with the wider conflict in Syria met in Rome. Russia has also spoken out against dissolving the canal amid tense peace talks between the Syrian government and rebel groups.

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