Sunday, October 1, 2023

Supermodel Gigi Hadid suffers ‘Imposter Syndrome’ as a Fashion founder

Supermodel Gigi Hadid debuted a cashmere line under the name Guest in Residence in September. She is really transparent about the challenges that she is facing for running her own business. Gigi Hadid said, “I suffer imposter syndrome all the time,” during the magazine’s Forces of Fashion event.

Of course, many people will say that the 27 years old’s of experience in modeling alone make her an expert. Still, she has a full schedule and remains occupied. Gigi saw that she can have chosen the simple road with her product line but she chose not to because she wanted it to have meaning. Just seemed like the proper stuff that I could play with in a variety of ways that was authentic to who I am and how I work.

Star also gives new meaning to putting your heart on your sleeve by saying her daughter Kai was the driving force behind making Guest in Residence a reality. Modeling isn’t a career you can keep up indefinitely, Gigi said. My future, I thought, lay in the arts since I was creative.

Gigi Hadid went on to say “I suffer an imposter syndrome as a fashion founder. However, having a baby made me realize how much more at ease I would be in an office setting. My little daughter and I can go.”

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