Gigi Hadid reveals a tattoo match with boyfriend Zane Malik in honor of her baby

Gigi Hadid made sure that part of her daughter was always with her.

The 25-year-old newborn unveiled a small tattoo honoring the baby in a Vogue-style video on Thursday, showing her skincare and makeup routine after pregnancy. As she raises her arm to apply the primer, small tattoos can be seen on her biceps.

The tattoo matches the writing on the wrist of his friend, Zane Malik, who is his daughter Kai’s name and is written in Arabic.

Eagle-eyed fans say Malik is shining on Instagram Live with a new tattoo on the inside of his right wrist shortly after Hadid corrected his daughter’s name with the former One Direction singer and added “mother Khai” to her biography on Instagram.
Hadid and Malik haven’t shown a photo of Kai’s face, but briefly shared it in the photo.

The ultra-private approach goes hand in hand with supermodel pregnancies, as she doesn’t post photos of her baby’s bites until August, a month before her September birth.

On Thursday, Hadid shared her first solo cover via Vogue for the magazine’s upcoming March 2021 issue in the stands on February 16.

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