Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Gigi Hadid disclosed to have a private account on TikTok

Supermodel Gigi Hadid stated that she has a private TikTok account that she uses for a specific purpose during her recent interview. The model becomes talkative about everything including her personal life, career and daughter Khai.

Gigi Hadid has over 72 million followers on her Instagram. She uses a secret profile on TikTok to take care of her one year old baby, Khai. Although she doesn’t post anything and doesn’t follow anyone in her personal account.

Moreover, the celebrity said, “I am a lurker but it’s only for parent videos and videos of kids eating lunch. Maoany real crime tales, such as those about murders, stalkers, and the like included.”

Accordilng to Gigi Hadid of her private TikTok list, there are pool cleaners who go to mouldy pools and spray them down until they’re glitzy glam and restore them. There’s also a guy where his job is to go into people’s homes that were hoarders and he cleans the entire house.

After a six-year relationship, Zayn and Hadid decided to call it quits after an incident with Yolanda Rin October 2021. Musician Zayn Malik and supermodel Gigi Hadid have agreed to co-parent their year old Khai following their breakup.

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