Sunday, October 1, 2023

Bella Hadid seemingly not happy with new relationship of Gigi Hadid with Leonardo DiCaprio

According to reports, Bella Hadid has broken her silence on new relationship of her sister Gigi Hadid with actor Leonardo DiCaprio. Fans went crazy after hearing that the supermodel and the guy are allegedly dating. When Camilla Morrone turned 25, Leo ended their relationship.

Webizens noted that DiCaprio never dates anyone beyond the age of 25. The fact that he had his eye on Gigi was even more startling. However, it appears like things are heating up between the two of them. Multiple sightings of them together have attested to.

It has reported that Bella Hadid, sister of Gigi Hadid has discussed her new relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio. She feels that Gigi’s too nice for Leo, and the way he leaped to Gigi seemingly without thinking about his prior relationship gives Bella the chills.

Her concern is that Gigi may end up injured and ashamed. Reportedly, Bella Hadid says Gigi Hadid should stop dating biggest model chasers in Hollywood and instead concentrate on being a good mother. A source close to Gigi said that she and Leonardo DiCaprio will continue dating despite the fact that her family doesn’t like him.

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