Monday, May 29, 2023

Ghanian Rapper Obrafour Sues Drake for Unauthorized Sampling of Music

  • According to reports, Drake and his team were in the process of obtaining sample clearance for the track from Obrafour but released the song and album without the cleared sample.
  • The issue of unauthorized sampling has been a longstanding problem in the music industry, with many artists having faced legal battles over the use of copyrighted material without proper clearance.
  • The outcome of this lawsuit could set a precedent for future cases of unauthorized sampling and may lead to stricter regulations in the music industry to prevent such instances.

Ghanian rapper Obrafour has filed a lawsuit against Canadian rapper Drake over the unauthorized sampling of his music in the song “Calling My Name“.

The lawsuit was brought forward in New York City courts, and Obrafour claims that a short clip of the phrase “Killer cut, blood, killer cut” featured in Drake’s song was taken from his own track titled “Oye Ohene”.

What is unauthorized sampling?

Unauthorized sampling is the use of copyrighted material in a piece of music without obtaining proper clearance from the copyright owner.

Can artists sample copyrighted material without clearance?

No, artists must obtain clearance from the copyright owner before using any copyrighted material in their work.

What are the consequences of unauthorized sampling?

Artists who use copyrighted material without clearance may face legal action from the copyright owner and may be required to pay damages for the unauthorized use.

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