Thursday, April 18, 2024

German vlogger Christian Betzmann converts to Islam

Christian Betzmann, a well-known German content writer and a travel vlogger has acknowledged Islam, as he declared in an Instagram post. 

On Friday, Christian Betzmann reported his acknowledgment of Islam. He has now begun his new excursion with totally various contemplations and lifestyle. 

Declaring that he has acknowledged Islam, Betzmann posted an image of himself and he wrote a sincere admission over him continuing his new way of life as a Muslim. 

Christian Betzmann posted, “I have acknowledged Islam ????”, he started,”I began this channel last December and go through just about 1 year in Pakistan. During this time I met sooo numerous extraordinary individuals and took in a great deal about the religion and the way of life. Experiencing childhood in Europe the word Islam was constantly associated with pessimism, war, illegal intimidation and honestly I was never a strict individual so I didn’t actually mind people’s opinion in those days.” 

“My best beloved companions were muslims and somewhere inside we are generally individuals in a similar reenactment we call life. The islam is the religion of harmony and I felt a more profound association and something I need to experince and investigate further for myself,” he closed. 

His numerous supporters and YouTubers praised him in the remark area, including Sham Idrees, Zaid Ali T and entertainers, for example, Minal Khan, Zoya Nasir and Zara Noor Abbas. 

Also, following his strict exercises, the vlogger is frequently seen spending time with his Pakistani companion, Zoya Nasir, a noticeable individual from showbiz industry. The two companions frequently post pictures with one another on their Instagram, and her fans can’t quit venerating the solid obligation of fellowship they share. 

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