Saturday, April 13, 2024

German IT company plans software development center in Pakistan

The German IT company SAP has said that it wants to open a software development center in Pakistan. The goal is to give thousands of students there a wide range of educational opportunities.

SAP’s country managing director, Saquib Ahmad, recently met with a group of journalists to talk about the company’s plans to open a software development center in Pakistan. As long as the relevant authorities give their permission.

He is sure that SAP will get the necessary approvals from different institutions by the beginning of the following year. This is a big step toward setting up the software development house and making it easier for students and professionals to find jobs.

Facebook establish innovation labs at LUMs in 2019 and Google set up a Gaming Growth Lab in Pakistan. Which is a virtual program to help new mobile gaming businesses grow and expand. Both of these incidents exist over the last few years.

Leading businesses and government agencies in both the public and private sectors of Pakistan use SAP’s digital solutions, which help them grow and thrive. He said that Systems Limited, IBM, and Siemens are some of the biggest IT companies in Pakistan that are working with SAP.

As a result of using SAP, they became able to achieve greater heights and open their minds. The industries he mentioned are all those that made household appliances, automobiles, and also energy as well. As educational institutions, medical facilities, and centers for the textile industry. He went on to say that SAP Pakistan has a wide range of clients. From large corporations to small and medium-sized businesses. SAP is able to provide a custom solution to streamline the need and improve the end result.

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