Saturday, April 13, 2024

George Floyd’s daughter reportedly will file $250M lawsuit against Kanye West

George Floyd‘s daughter plans to file lawsuit agianst Kanye West for $250 million for statements he made regarding the manner of Floyd’s death. As a result, she want $250,000,000 in compensation. It will add to the long list of problems surrounding the American rapper.

According to reports, Floyd’s family’s lawyers have sent a cease-and-desist letter to the rapper. They are claiming that the rapper’s words have retraumatized Floyd’s daughter. He is creating a hazardous and unhealthy atmosphere for her, as they put it. George Floyd’s daughter is planning to file lawsuit against Kanye and his colleagues for harassment, theft, slander and the cause of emotional anguish.

The lawyers representing Floyd’s daughter have issued a press statement in which they reference comments made by Kanye West during a recent podcast. They alleged that West intentionally spread false information regarding Floyd’s death in order to boost West’s and his colleagues’ brand awareness and sales.

According to the statement, “Although the complete interview has been taken down from YouTub, but portions of his rage are still watching and sharing by millions of people in the world. However, Kanye West asserted malicious lies about George Floyd during the podcast interview in order to profit off Mr. Floyd’s horrific death and the grief of his family.”

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