Saturday, December 2, 2023

French President Macron slapped in front of his people

French President Mr. Emmanuel Macron had slapped in the face during an official visit to southeastern France. In a video shared on social media, French President can seen approaching the barrier while on his way to outside the city of Valence. Two men were arrested after the incident, French media reported.

A man in a green shirt slapped Macron in the face before police could immediately report. The man reportedly shouted “Destroy macronism” while beating the president. As well as “Montjoie, Saint-Denis”, a war cry from the ancient kingdom of France in reference to King Charlemagne’s flag.

Meanwhile, the president has ousted. In the video, Macron briefly returns to the line after the incident and interacts with the crowd again.

According to a tweet from a French journalist, officers were in the streets of Valence shortly after the slap. So far the identity and motive of the man is not clear. The local prefecture said he and others have questioned.

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