Thursday, June 1, 2023

Freddie Highmore Shares Bizarre Experience of Being Shoved in Broom Closet on Talk Show Set

  • Freddie Highmore shares a strange experience he had on a talk show set during an interview with Jimmy Kimmel.
  • Highmore was hidden in a broom closet by producers to avoid running into the talk show host.
  • Despite not revealing the host’s name, Highmore’s story highlights the unusual happenings in the entertainment industry.

Freddie Highmore, the lead actor of the hit TV show The Good Doctor, recently recounted a strange experience he had on a talk show set during an interview with Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Here are the details:

On the show, Highmore praised Kimmel for having the best backstage experience compared to other sets he has worked on in the past.

Highmore then narrated a bizarre incident that happened on the set of an undisclosed talk show where he was tossed in a broom closet by the producers to avoid running into the host before the show. He explained that the host did not like seeing guests beforehand, which is why the producers panicked when they saw the host coming down the corridor. They quickly stuck Highmore in a nearby broom closet until the coast was clear.

Highmore revealed that he was in the dark broom closet for about a minute while the producers frantically checked if the host had left. After the all-clear signal, they brought him out, and he walked out as if nothing had happened.

In the interview, Highmore did not name the talk show host but joked that it was close to Kathie Lee Gifford. He then complimented Kimmel, saying that his show was a much more pleasant way to spend his evening and thanked him for being a decent human being.

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