Saturday, December 2, 2023

Four people have been arrested for allegedly abducting newborn twins

Four persons, including a childless couple, were taken to Ghulam Muhammadabad Gynaecology Ward Government General Hospital on Wednesday for kidnapping newborns’ twins.

After a few hours, police Ghulam Muhammadabad retrieved and lodged a case.

Kiran Bibi, Khalid’s wife, Chak No. 123 GB Sadhupura, arrived to the hospital, according to police sources, on July 27 with Rukhsana Bibi’s mother and bare twins at 11 p.m.

A lady who was recognised as Samira Bibi came to Kiran, telling her that she and her grandma will examine both infants in the nursery. But it is said that she packed the twins in a bag to escape.

When the infants returned not till the morning, Kiran’s protest was taken up by the hospital management.

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