Monday, December 4, 2023

Four Nabbed In Connection to Usman Mirza’s Case For Touring Harassing Couples

Following a video of this event on social media, four people are detained in relation to the sexual harassment of a boy and a girl by Usman Mirza.

The pair in the video, which the authorities alleged a few months ago, are being sexually harassed by six people.

The young couple was arrested, unlocked, and then assaulted by the defendants. In addition, the defendants attacked the couple verbally and physically by being indecent.

In Golra police station, an action was then brought in accordance with Sections 341 (wrong restraint), 354A (attacking and clothing of women or their use of criminal force), 506 (ii) The proceedings were filed by SI Syed Asim Ghafar on the behalf of the state.

The I-8 inhabitant and co-owner of a vehicle shop dealing with new and used cars and real estate, Usman Aziz was arrested, and physically detained by the police, Hafizur Rehman and Farhan Shahen Awan.

The fourth suspect was detained and named Madaris Butt late at night. A huge number of videos of identical incidents were shown on all the suspect’s phones.
Police officers anonymously notified Afzal Ahmad Kausar, Deputy Inspector General of the Police (Operations), that the two additional suspects were being detained by the S.S.P. and by SP Saddar Circle. One suspect shared the footage with a buddy, who subsequently uploaded it on social media, according to authorities.

The investigators were able to track the remaining suspects following Usman Mirza’s arrest. The event was held in Islamabad, an apartment on E-11/2.
The authorities stated that the flat was in the hands of a real estate dealer from whom the child had taken the key. The six suspects also had a key to the flat, which the pair tracked.

The police then tracked the kid and asked him for his statement about the event, but so far he was not ready, the cops claimed, adding: “the babe is so afraid that he refused to make a statement and turn to the complainant, claiming that he and his family would be killed by the accused.”

The girl was called by the police as well, but they said she refused.

Hamza Shafqaat tweeted earlier: ‘He(accused) was being apprehended. He was arrested. He arrests his accomplices. Video’s just a couple of months old. All videos containing victim IDs should be deleted.”

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