Friday, December 1, 2023

Former Director General Petroleum Concession Allegedly Providing State Secrets to Service Companies

A former Director General Petroleum Concession (DGPC) and DG Gas, Qazi Muhammad Saleem Saddiqui, who was previously removed from both positions due to an Intelligence Bureau (IB) report, is currently working as the Provincial Director representing Sindh province in the DGPC office.

Sources in the petroleum division claim that Qazi Saleem was removed from his former positions due to allegations in the IB report, which is now available with the Ministry of Petroleum. However, sources say that Qazi Saleem is allegedly on the payroll of Exploration & Production (E&P) and service companies and has been illegally harassing and influencing officers of DGPC and DG Gas to provide state secrets.

When asked about Qazi Saleem’s status, the incumbent Secretary Petroleum confirmed that Qazi Saleem was removed from both positions on the basis of the IB report, and reports are available with the Ministry.

The Petroleum Secretary also confirmed that Qazi Saleem has been providing services to a few companies, including service companies, and has approached officers of DGPC for information many times. The Secretary Petroleum claimed that when all officers were told not to share information, Qazi Saleem tried to influence lower staff.

Sources indicate that Qazi Saleem was removed from DGPC in 2013 but transferred back to DGPC in 2017. Attempts to get Qazi Muhammad Saleem Saddiqui’s stance on the matter have been unsuccessful.

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