Tuesday, May 30, 2023

FM Qureshi Says India turns its Attention away from Internal Problems

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, who asked about the participation of New Delhi in the Lahore blast, told India that it is attempting to distract from its own domestic problems through the funding of terrorism in Pakistan.

Pakistan’s FM has stated the country’s funding of terrorism will be shown by India in other places.

“International forums, we’ll highlight this problem,” said FM Qureshi earlier today,

Moeed Yusuf, the national security consultant, claimed Sunday that an Indian person with links to India is the key leader behind the assault, according to the investigation.

“I want to ensure that this specific occurrence on 23 June in Lahore is heard very clearly in our message. We have tangible proof and intelligence, including telephone and money information, which points to these terrorists’ direct Indian backing,” he stated during his briefing.

When questioning Indian Kashmir policies, FM Qureshi claimed that the Kashmiri leaders he met had badly failed and expressed their disappointment in the situation in the occupied territory, together with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s meeting with Kazakhstan legislators.

“India has financial difficulty and [the occupied Kashmir] has risen unemployment, and they use that [sponsoring terrorism] to deflect attention from their own problems.”

As for Afghanistan, Shah Mehmood Qureshi stated that in their time of need, Pakistan had assisted its Afghan brothers and it is time for them to come back home.

At the press briefing in Islamabad, NSA Moeed Yusuf told the Indian people about the blast in Johar Town.

“I want to ensure that this specific occurrence on 23 June in Lahore is heard very clearly in our message. We have specific proofs and data, including telephone and bank records, which show that these terrorists are sponsored by India.

“We found that this terrorist assault is being handled mostly by the mastermind and the forensic analysis, and we have no doubts and reserve to notify you that the primary master intelligence is an Indian native, RAW, an intelligence organization located in India,” he added.

Yusuf said he wants to remind everybody that “Indian usage of territories and third-country people is not new, as they humiliate other nations.”

The national security adviser told out that “We have repeatedly recalled the Indian world of activities, including the full dossier published last November with specifics — minute details — of funds, operations, and assistance coming from India.”

He also referred to a report recently published by the internationally renowned EU DisinfoLab that describes how “the hundreds and thousands of fake outlets were used for the malignancy of Pakistan, distributing misinformation on Pakistan and disguising what is a clear terrorist support by a state for a different state in our region.”

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