Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Five shot dead in Bangladesh on the second day of deadly confrontations

At least five people were shot dead when police clashed with protesters in Bangladesh on Saturday, a day after clashes between police and protesters over a visit by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi that killed five others.

The violence that began on Friday at the main mosque in the capital Dhaka rocked several key areas of the country.

Five more people were shot dead in recent clashes in the eastern border district of Brahmanbariya after the fatal shooting on Friday, two doctors said on Saturday as police clashed with villagers and the Hephazat-e-Islam group.

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“Three were taken dead. Two died in hospital. All five suffered gunshot wounds,” said Abdullah al-Mamun, a 25-bed doctor in the emergency room at Bramanbaria State Hospital.

“Another 12 were hospitalized for gunshot wounds and one was in critical condition. He was shot in the head,” he said.

Police in Brahmanbariya declined to comment on the deaths, although two officials said Islamic groups had staged protests at several locations in the area.

A journalist in Brahmanbariya said about 3,000 protesters, including Hephazat supporters and villagers, demonstrated in the area, while a doctor said protesters set fire to several government offices during the clashes.

Since Friday evening, Bangladesh has deployed Bangladeshi border guards in many parts of the country, which also act as a paramilitary reserve for law and order.

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