Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Inferno fire in food factory killed 52 in Bangladesh

A huge fire swept over a factory in Bangladesh, killing at least 52 flamingos, forcing several workers from the upper levels to spring to their lives, the police reported Friday. The fire was the latest in a string of tragedies in industrial complexes/factory and apartment buildings, tearing down the safety record of Bangladesh.

Some thirty individuals have hurt, with hundreds of disturbed families and fellow workers waiting outside the food plant with anxiety while fire kept raging.

In February 2019, a minimum of 70 people died after an inferno broke into homes in Dhaka where chemicals had kept illegally. The newest fire broke out at the Rupganj Food and Beverage Factory, an industrial area outside Dhaka. Initially, the police said three deaths but it grew rapidly when firemen reached the top levels and began to pull out scores of trapped workers.

Gates were closed at the third floor of the two stairways. Other Members say 48 individuals were inside. What happened to them, Nobody knows.

One of them claimed he went to the roof and 13 other people ran up when the fire broke out in the basement, and black smoke struck rapidly the entire plant. “By utilising rope,” he informed the media, “Firefighters pulled us down. Many of the waiting relatives said they fear the worst as smoke clouds blew from the manufacturing building.

He stated that we came here since for a time my niece didn’t get our telephone calls. And suddenly the telephone doesn’t sound. We’re concerned.

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