Saturday, December 2, 2023

FIFA 22 on one computer limits owner to one system activation

The PC version of FIFA 22 looks less attractive the more we hear about it. Just yesterday we learned that many of the advanced features offered for the Xbox Series X and PS5 versions of FIFA 22 will not make their way to the PC edition. Things like the new HyperMotion animation technology won’t be available for the Steam edition. And there are currently no plans to add it to future updates.

Now there is one more reason to avoid the PC version of FIFA 22 and that is the strict limitation of installing it once on the computer.

Go to the game’s Steam page to view DRM notifications for FIFA 22. Apart from installing Origin for your 3rd party DRM, there is a warning that FIFA 22 has a “1 engine activation limit”.
The wording here seems to explicitly restrict installations to purchase. In other words, if you have multiple computers/laptops and you want to install FIFA 22. So you can play on each one, you have to buy the game again for each computer you install.
This is of course annoying if you have more than one machine. But it’s also annoying when you run into problems and need to replace hardware. This type of DRM key usually uses motherboard information to identify the computer it is installed on. So if you change your motherboard or upgrade to a new computer, you will have to buy again.

The only salvation for Steam is the streaming function, which lets you transfer games from your computer to your laptop. While you’re still on your home network. But streaming isn’t just playing at home – at least not for most people.

To be honest, the PS5 or Xbox Series X versions seem like the way to work with FIFA, but be careful! Only FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition will get a free next-gen upgrade when purchased on a previous-gen console.

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