Friday, March 31, 2023

FIA summons Murad Saeed and Faisal Vawda Monday in Arshad Sharif’s murder case

The FIA’s fact-finding committee met with Faisal Vawda and Murad Saeed on Monday, November 21, because they said they knew about threats against journalist Arshad Sharif’s life after he was killed in Kenya last month.

According to FIA sources, federal ministers must bring proof. At a press conference on October 26, the leader of the PTI who has since been kicked out denied the “mistaken identity” idea. The journalist he knew was shot twice from “close range,” he said.

Vawda knew Khurram and Waqar Ahmad, who housed the journalist in Kenya.

ARY’s owner, Salman Iqbal, and Karachi King’s CEO, Tariq Wasi, were asked to help with the murder investigation and answer questions. Iqbal said Wasi is working with the team.

Iqbal said, “While I have concerns about the PML-N government’s independence and openness, my team and I are cooperating fully.”

Wasi urged Waqar to get Sharif a Kenyan visa. Kenyan and Pakistani sources say the journalist’s suitcase has arrived in Pakistan.

Source: Sharif’s blood-stained clothes will be analyzed forensically. Ather Waheed and Omar Shahid Hamid of Pakistan’s fact-finding committee asked Dubai police for help in local investigations.

Waqar and his wife Maureen were questioned about the journalist’s killing while he was their guest.

Kenya and Pakistan have been investigating the journalist’s murder since he was killed, and Pakistan’s two-member investigative team will visit Sharif’s home in Dubai, UAE.

Khurram drove Waqar to Nairobi from AmmoDump Kwenia on Oct. 23. Armed GSU officers killed him near Magadi-Kiserian Road.

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