Saturday, March 25, 2023

Actor Feroze Khan joined TikTok and surprised his fans worldwide

This week, actor Feroze Khan became the latest star to join TikTok and surprised his fans worldwide. In the aftermath of a pair of “controversial” videos, he had publicly referred to the app as “cancer” last year.

He posted a compilation of videos showing him giving out meals to the less fortunate on Instagram. A scene of him writing on a glass wall and then departing the screen with a handful of food bags opened the film. He has intended to promote good deeds as a human. As he engages with people on the street, he smiles and hands them boxes of food and beverages.

A year later in 2020, the ‘Romeo weds Heer’ star had unleashed a tirade against TikTok. The actor Feroze Khan went on to describe TikTok as a ‘cancer’ when a video of a girl dancing at the Quaid-e-Azam tomb has released on the app.

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