Female students are not allowed to sit in the front seats of students van for fear of being harassed

The Mansehra District Traffic Police decided to ban girls from sitting in the front seats of the minibus. The decision was made by the authorities after numerous complaints about bullying filed by parents on behalf of their children.

Police told media that, according to the students’ parents, students who would be sitting in the second seat of the minibus would be harassed by drivers. Media reports suggest that drivers are taking advantage of the fact that the front compartment of the delivery van is usually split open so that rear passengers cannot see what is happening ahead and behind.

The report added that parents have raised concerns about the safety of their children, particularly because the windows of some of these vans are closed, making it difficult for people to see inside as well.

Citing these reasons, the authorities have imposed a strict ban on women sitting in the front seat of vans, and drivers who violate the new rules will be heavily fined and subject to strict legal action by the authorities.

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