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FBR will now follow MPs who attempt to lobby for personal gain


As political pressure from parliamentarians in the Federal Revenue Board (FBR) is increasing day by day, tax authorities made a major decision on Monday to include these activities in the personal files of said tax officials that politicians use to make your transfers. and publications.

This is the first time that the name of the National Assembly (MNA) member or senator who will pressure FBR to transfer and publish has been included in the personal files of tax officials.

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The FBR has decided to take action against tax officials in the customs and treasury groups, who are involved in lobbying FBR to make transfers and hold attractive positions in field offices. The RBF issued the instructions in the context of increased pressure and interference in the transfers and assignments of financial officers working in field training.

The RBF has decided to include the name of the political person used for the transfers and publication in the personal file (File) of the relevant official, who will try to put pressure on the tax authorities to reorganize.

Future carrier decisions for these tax agents would be made by the FBR, taking into account the registered files of politicians’ names used to lobby the FBR for transfers and shipments.

The FBR’s Field Training Instructions issued Monday revealed that authorities noted with grave concern that some officers, who totally ignored Articles 19 and 29 of the Rules (Conduct) of Officials, 1964, read with the following instructions (printed in IS N ° 14.3, 14.4 and 14.5 of ESTACODE 2015) exert political / external pressure and interference with respect to your transmission / transfer.

FBR stated that as a first step it needed to be clarified that this is “misconduct” under the Conduct of Government Officials Regulations 1964, read with Section 2 (4) of the Government Officials Regulations. government officials (E&D) from 1973 and are subject to strict disciplinary action under these rules. However, first let me warn all these officers to avoid this attitude.

All these agents are marked and the necessary observations are recorded in their personal files. FBR said, “Needless to say, these observations will be a primary consideration in all of your professional decisions, including promotion and disciplinary procedures, as well as placements and rotations.

Therefore, all agents are advised, at the expense of repetition, to pay further attention to the seriousness of this problem ”.

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