Thursday, February 22, 2024

FBR website is in the midst of a major cyberattack

Hackers targeted Pakistan’s largest data centre administered by the Federal Income Board (FBR) and succeeded in disrupting Microsoft’s hyper-V software by downloading all the tax machinery operating webpages.

The Express Tribune said to the senior official on condition of anonymity, “There has been a national crisis as the situation since 2 pm, and we may not be out of the wood until Sunday evening.”

Until the piece was submitted, the official FBR was expected. “The website of the FBR is for scheduled repair only temporarily,” reads the opening of the website.

The authorities nonetheless published a public press statement in the FBR House Data Center in Islamabad on the continuing operation of service optimization operations.

The FBR said that the technical team migrates services presently. This transfer completes FBR IT operations’ overall enhanced productivity.

This migration is important to make up the system to improve the finest service to our customers, continued the statement.

The authorities claimed the cyber assault impacted the data centre’s virtual environment.

“The assailants have now managed to breach the weakest hyper-V software connection, Microsoft Inc., and the data centre is attacked with virtual machines.

Pakistan approached Microsoft to recover from the assault, he added.

“Our Independence Day is cyberterrorism,” the officer added, adding that the assailants had not been identified yet.

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