Friday, December 1, 2023

The FBR is cracking down on corrupt tax officials

The president of the Federal Revenue Council (FBR), Javed Ghani, told the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) on Monday that the council is cracking down on corrupt tax officials, as well as there is zero-tolerance for corruption.

At a meeting of the top parliamentary chaired by its president Rana Tanveer to review the FBR audit paragraphs for 2019-20, Ghani said that the Integrity Management Cell and also the Regional Integrity Committees (RICs) are investigating allegations of corruption against tax officials.

Strict action will be taken against tax officials involved in corrupt practices,” he also added.

He said that whenever he gets action against any officer – whether junior or senior – he is thoroughly investigated and immediate action is taken to end the threat of corruption.

Moreover, “Regardless of their position or designation, we are trying to ensure that no tax official involved in corruption is spared,” he said.

The head of the FBR had to give a lengthy explanation about the eradication of corruption in his institution after Pakistani leader Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) whipped at the National Assembly Amir Dogar – who is also a member of PAC – claimed that a commissioner he openly demanded a bribe from him when asked to change his tax administration from Multan to Islamabad.

He also shared the commissioner’s details with the FBR president in riots, which guaranteed him strict action against the official for demanding a bribe from a legislator.

The PAC president also instructed the FBR president to bring the corrupt officer to the prosecution, saying what to say about an ordinary man if a lawmaker is treated like that by a responsible officer.

However, Noor Alam Khan, a PAC member, has proposed to handpick honest employees with a clean record to restore people’s confidence in the FBR, as it is rapidly losing its credibility due to the presence of some black sheep within the institution.

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