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FBR claims to have data on assets, income and expenses for everyone


The Federal Revenue Board (FBR) communicated to all Pakistani citizens on Tuesday that the FBR has information on all kinds of assets, income and expenses of people who do not file their income tax returns and now that non-applicants cannot hide your assets and income. .

The 2nd edition of the “IRIS” portal “Maloomat” (tax profiling system), which contains data on 53 million citizens, gives applicants and non-applicants access to information about their assets and bank accounts. The FBR IRIS “Maloomat” portal is regularly updated. It is recommended that all persons applying before 2020 seek help.

The information is indicative and reflects the data available in the FBR, among other things, the sources said.

In a notice / warning to all citizens of the country, the FBR stated that the FBR has obtained vital information about income and expenses from taxpayers and non-taxpayers. “I can’t hide anymore: take the last chance,” warned FBR.

The last date for filing income tax returns (fiscal year 2020) has been extended to December 8, 2020.

In addition, the FBR has informed citizens that all citizens can view such information by clicking on the FBR taxray. There are three options:

  • Require Declaration but Not Report Taxable Income Click to report correct facts;
  • NTN holder does not file a tax return as required by law, click to file tax return
  • Pay unrecorded withholding tax, click to register and file tax return.

In June 2019, the FBR and the National Database and Registry Authority (Nadra) launched the “Fiscal Profiling System”. Filers and non-filers alike have been able to do asset information by accessing the Nadra website or the FBR portal being launched. FBR’s online tax profiling system has enabled 53 million people to verify their bank details, properties, utility bills and travel history data.

The aim is to make it easier for citizens to know their available data with the government and make the corresponding corrections. This data, which includes information about people’s lavish lifestyles, expensive wealth, huge expenses, and undeclared information, can be used for evaluation purposes.

The data is spread over 2 portals; Nadra and FBR websites. Contains information on bank accounts, properties, travel history, utilities, etc. of 53 million citizens. Everyone has access to their own data to check the details.

The FBR tax profiling system allows citizens to view their profile created by correlating their data from multiple sources of assets, expenses and lifestyle data available from the

government of Pakistan. Non-tax applicants are especially encouraged to review their tax profile and become part of the tax system.

The portal is useful for individuals as they can find out what information is available from the government and correct their declaration details if they are incorrect. The information available on both portals, one created by NADRA and the other by FBR, can be obtained by following the login process after answering some questions generated by the system.

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