Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Fans of Stanley Tucci are outraged by Prince William’s sexist bald man title

According to a report in The Sun, the Duke of Cambridge was nicknamed “the sexiest bald man in the world” by a Google search which claimed the word was used 17.6 million times for future monarchs.

The 38-year-old monarch is suffering from other popular bald songs, including Stanley Tucci, which became a major trend on Twitter when users claimed the Hunger Games actor truly deserved the title.

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One user wrote: “Prince William should not be declared the sexiest bald man if there were Stanley Tucci, Shemar Moore, and many other sexy bald people.”

Another added, “How can anyone say Prince William was the sexiest bald man when Stanley Tucci was around?”

“No Prince William is the baldest, he is Stanley Tucci and I will not hear about this conversation again,” said a third.

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