Saturday, December 2, 2023

Famous Youtube Channel ‘Ramiz Speaks’ Hacked

Ramiz Hassan Raja is a famous Pakistani cricketer, YouTuber, Ravian, and current cricket commentator who represented Pakistan in the 1980s and 1990s. Since retiring from cricket, since retiring from cricket, Ramiz Raja has commented on international cricket matches and talked about cricket on Ramiz Speaks’ YouTube channel, which has more viewership in Pakistan.

Youtube channel ‘Ramiz Speaks‘ is one of the famous channel in Pakistan and the channel recently crossed 1.8 million subscribers count.

Ramiz confirmed the news about his Youtube channel got hacked on Twitter. In his tweet, he writes, “Working to restore my youtube channel which has been sadly compromised. Bear with me. Thank you.

Ramiz Speaks channel videos have been deleted by the hacker and the hacker changed the name of the channel from ‘Ramiz Speaks’ to ‘The Cardano Foundation‘. From the last 24 hours, the subscriber’s count of the channel decreasing fastly, and now the subscriber count is 1.48 million.

Ramiz Speaks hacked

Ramiz Raja was a commentator on special tests for Games and Sky Sports during the 2006 series of English tests against Pakistan. He was also the CEO of the Pakistan Cricket Board but stepped down in August 2004, citing growing media exposure. He continues to comment on the cricket team’s tours in Pakistan as well as at many national and international ICC tournaments.

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