Sunday, October 1, 2023

FamilyFirst: Family Pairing feature on TikTok shows how serious the company is about safety

TikTok is still active in keeping families safe with its new “Family Pairing” feature. Which gives parents and also teens more control over the app’s security settings.

TikTok has started a campaign called #FamilyFirst to raise awareness about how parents can use the Family Pairing Feature to keep an eye on their teens’ accounts and check things like direct messages, notifications, and watch and download settings. This is part of TikTok’s ongoing commitment to support and care for the safety of youths on the platform.

TikTok’s “Family Pairing” feature lets parents link their accounts to those of their children. This lets them do things like:

Controlling Your Screen Habits:Your teen should only be able to use TikTok for between 40 and 120 minutes per day.

Mode Not Allowed:It’s best to limit the content that may offend. Even if Family Pairing isn’t done turn on, parents can help their teens with Digital Wellbeing settings like Screen Time Management and Restricted Mode at any time.

Conversations in Private:You can choose to turn off direct messaging completely, or you can limit who can send messages to the account. TikTok already has a number of restrictions and controls in place for messaging to make sure its users are safe. For example, only approved followers can message and photos and movies can’t be sent. Users younger than 16 years old can’t use Direct Messages on TikTok by default.

Take care of the security and personal information on your computer:Parents can make their teen’s account private or public. They can also recommend the account to other people. This lets them control who can see the videos and leave comments. It’s up to the parent to decide what kinds of searches their teen can do. Like looking for things, people, hashtags, or sounds.

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As part of its efforts to keep families safe, TikTok has teamed up with a number of well-known Pakistani celebrities and content creators to make new, interesting content for its 13–19-year-old users.

People all over the world use apps like TikTok. Which gives people in the same household a way to share their opinions, tell their stories and get people to support causes they care about. In the meantime, they usually teach each other how to use the internet safely.

Over the past year, major modifications to TikTok’s staff, rules, controls, and educational resources to meet the needs of families. The platform has added more people to its trust and safety teams. Did add more information to its Safety Center (which is now available in both English and Urdu). Teamed up with well-known online safety organizations.

Family Pairing is part of TikTok’s commitment to user safety. It works with the platform’s other safety features and efforts to make the product more useful as users reach certain digital literacy milestones.

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