Sunday, October 1, 2023

Falak Shabir dedicated ‘Tu Mera Dil’ performance to Sara Khan

Several social media platforms have shared a video of musician Falak Shabir dedicating his concert performance to his wife Sarah Khan. The video has gone viral throughout the internet.

In the Instagram video he can be seen singing at an event in Sialkot, Pakistan. Sarah Khan has informed that the concert has dedicated to her by the performer before he began singing. Meanwhile, video has received millions of views in short time.

Falak Shabir sang “Tu mera dil meri jaan hai, jaane jahaan tu mera maan hai” in concert performance for his actress wife. Whereas, Sara Khan also was in attendance. The rest of the audience joined in as well.

It is important to note that they have a large and active fan following on the social media site Instagram.They show nice family images to their followers. The photos have received millions of likes from the application’s customers.

The famous couple became engaged in July 2020 and married in December of same year.

Sarah Khan recently shared a video in which Falak Shabir is holding Alyana Falak. In another series of photographs, the actress is smiling as he holds the baby girl.

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