Saturday, December 2, 2023

Fakespot removed from Apple App Store following complaint from Amazon

Fakespot, a company that analyses reviews of famous websites to assess their authenticity, has removed from apple App Store today. According to The Verge, Amazon sent Apple a download request which resulted in the app being downloaded.

Amazon says that the Fakespot app “wraps up” unauthorize websites and the app could potentially be use to steal Amazon customer data. Moreover they sent out its first download notifications in June, and today Apple is releasing apps from the App Store.

Amazon claims that Fakespot violates Apple’s 5.2.2 “App Store” policy. The policy which prevents apps from using, accessing, generating revenue, or displaying third-party content when unauthorized. The software supplied users with “misleading information” about Amazon merchants, according to Amazon.

Foxpot founder Saud Khalifa told The Verge that Apple had not given him a chance to fix the problem and they removed fakespot from apple app store. He went on to say that Amazon’s willingness to “harass small businesses” shows “a crack in their business.”

The FakeSpot software is no longer accessible for download on the iOS “App Store,” according to FakeSpot Search. There were over 150,000 companies during the operation.

Dispute between Amazon and Fakespot

Fakespot has known for analyzing Amazon reviews and providing ratings or ratings on how many of those reviews are from real people. Amazon says it regularly analyzes products with reviews that Fakespot finds unreliable, but Fakespot’s results are “partially 80% wrong.”

The Fakespot website is still active and accessible to Amazon shoppers and has browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

Update: Apple announced that a dispute between Amazon and Fakespot has occurred and Fakespot has contacted repeatedly.

Amazon initiated an intellectual property dispute on June 8, and we made sure all sides got in touch within hours to explain the situation. And the steps business owners had to take to get their app up and running and giving them ample time to resolve it. A few weeks before the app has removed from the App Store, we contacted Faxspot again on June 29th.

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