Monday, December 11, 2023

Faisal Qureshi & Family celebrating son Farman’s first birthday – photo

Faisal Qureshi is one of the most famous and extremely talented actors in the industry. It is he who can take all challenging roles without thinking. He knows very well how to have each character perfectly fit the script. Faisal also put on a morning show as the host and viewers loved the way he enjoyed each part. He entered the industry as a child star and is now considered one of the legendary actors.

We knew Faisal Qureshi was a family man and enjoyed spending time with them. He has a daughter and a sweet son. This time, celebs and their families make it special by celebrating little baby Farman’s first birthday. Check out the adorable photos from this festive birthday on their Instagram accounts!

Sana Faisal wife of Faisal Qureshi shared some adorable moments of her son’s big day.

Faisal Qureshi & Family celebrating Baby Farman’s first birthday!

The cute little version of Faisal Qureshi is taking over the internet and fans love these photos. Baby Farman has just turned one year old and her birthday is an expression of happiness. The birthday truck art theme and dress caught the attention of fans while Farman just smiled. Here we have an album from Faisal’s sweet son’s big day. Appearance!

Here some post from Faisal’s son’s big day on instagram.

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