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Facebook said an article suggesting a COVID-19 vaccine could be fatal was the site’s most popular link from January to March

On Saturday, Facebook released a report stating that the most popular link on the platform questioned the COVID-19 vaccine.

Facebook withheld its popular content report for the first quarter for fear of a negative backlash, the New York Times reported on Friday.
“This storey illustrates how difficult it is to identify disinformation,” stated a Facebook representative.
This is according to a Facebook study issued on Saturday displaying the most popular link from January to March in the United States.

This year, Facebook was scrutinized for misinformation about COVID-19 shared on the platform. President Joe Biden saying earlier this year that Facebook was “killing people”. (He then replies to her comment.)

Earlier this week, Facebook released a report identifying popular content from April to June. Raising questions about why it didn’t release data for the first quarter of the year. The most effective links in the K2 report are mostly harmless content like Exercises, Recipes and Animals.

Executives purposely withheld the first-quarter report because they were afraid of reaction, according to a Friday article in The New York Times.
A day after the Times report was published. Facebook’s first quarter report revealed that the most popular URLs on Facebook were stories written by The Sun-Sentinel. And syndicated by The Chicago Tribune, respectively. A Florida doctor who died two weeks after receiving the COVID-19 vaccination may have died as a result of the vaccine. As suggested by the story’s title.

The coroner’s report later revealed that there was not enough evidence to determine whether the vaccine played a role in his death. And updates have added to the story to reflect this.

More Than 53 Million People have seen an article suggesting a COVID-19 vaccine could be fatal

More than 53 million people have seen the article in their news. The report also said the platform’s 19th most popular site in the first three months of 2021 belonged to the Epoch Times. A far-right anti-China newspaper that promotes conspiracy theories.
When Facebook has contacted via email, Facebook Insiders have directed to a Twitter thread shared by spokesman Andy Stone. Stone said the article about the Florida doctor, which was actually accurate, “shows how difficult it is to define misinformation.”

Stone also said Facebook initially withheld reporting for the first quarter. “Because there were important improvements to the system we wanted to make,” though it wasn’t clear what those fixes were.

On Facebook, which has more than 2.8 billion monthly users, just 0.057 percent of material has viewed from the top 20 links. This information is according to a research issued on Saturday.

As part of its openness initiatives, Facebook has stated that it would continue to issue quarterly reports. The reports on the most popular material on the network.

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