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Facebook, Twitter and TikTok significantly hindered social norms: Senate body


The National Assembly Standing Committee on Information Technology and Telecommunications has focused on regulating social media giants including Facebook, Twitter and Tik Tok, noting that they have had a negative impact on social norms and values.

The committee met Ali Khan Jadoon during the presidency here on Tuesday, where a detailed briefing on the creation of the National Cybercrime Center was given.

National cybersecurity policy

The Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications has informed the committee that the national cybersecurity policy has been drawn up and shared with intelligence services. However, MPs were surprised to hear this, saying that the draft policy was not shared with parliament, but with agencies. The committee advised that the public interest should not be harmed by hoarding national security.

It has also emerged that the draft policy is not even shared with the National Center for Cybersecurity (NCCS), which is a major concern. The committee has been informed that Pakistan scores very low on the Global Cybersecurity Index (GCSI).

Need for a national cybersecurity policy

The director of the National Center for Cyber ​​Security (NCCS) said digital assets are at risk as cybersecurity knows no boundaries. We need a national cybersecurity policy, as well as a strategy to deal effectively with cyber threats.

The director of NCCS added that 11 forensic laboratories in 10 universities have been established under the center. There is a plan to create more centers for which Rs. 1.2 billion has been allocated. The center produced a mobile forensic tool, a computer forensic tool, a social media forensic tool, an IoT firewall, a blockchain security tool, a vulnerability analysis tool and a security solution. intruder detection.

However, the committee expressed serious concern and noted that the Department of Informatics has not acceded to the NCCS. The committee recommended changing the rules to add cybersecurity to the area of ​​the IT ministry.

The MPs raised several issues they face when it comes to cybercrime and urged the FIA ​​and PTA to resolve them.

The Supplementary Director (FIA) informed the committee of the report on complaints / questions from members at the previous meeting.

He said some of the suspects involved in cybercrime were arrested when the devices recovered from them were sent to forensic labs. Upon receipt of the report from the forensic labs, final rulings will be submitted to the court for further action.

The committee was informed that Khalid Wazir, Deputy Director (WAD), PTA and Iftikhar Aziz, Deputy Director of the FIA ​​(CyberCrime Wing) have been appointed as contact points to address cybercrime issues facing parliamentarians.

PTCL optical fiber lines

The committee postponed the agenda item regarding the recommendations of the subcommittee appointed under the coordination of Sher Ali Arbab, MP, because the Executive Director (CEO) of PTCL was not present at the meeting, and ordered the Ministry to cancel the presence of the CEO of PTCL at the next meeting.

By reporting the reasons for the lack of PTCL fiber optic lines in Malir District, Karachi and planning the installation of these lines in their place; a representative of PTCL has informed the committee that fourteen PTCL power stations in the Malir district are connected via a fiber optic network.

The total fiber optic cable footprint in Malir district is approximately 347 km, which powers fourteen telephone exchanges and 137 MSAGs in the region, he added.

The commission ordered the PTCL authorities to complete the project as soon as possible.

The meeting was attended by MP, Sahibzada Sibgatullah, Sher Ali Arbab, Muhammad Abdul Ghafar Wattoo, Muhammad Aslam Khan, Javairia Zafar Aheer, Nusrat Wahid, Muhammad Hashim, Ali Gohar Khan, Romina Khursheed Alam, Maiza Hameed, Shaumwar Keshra Panharhar, Naz Baloch and Syed Mehmood Shah, in addition to the Minister of Informatics and Technology, are senior officials from the Ministry of Information Technology and Technology, PTCL, PTA, NTC and FIA.

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