Saturday, December 2, 2023

Facebook Suspends 16,000 Accounts for Trading Fake Reviews after UK Intervention

Famous social media company Facebook suspends 16,000 accounts thar are trading of Buying and Selling of fake reviews of the Products and services on its platform after the britis intervention second time.

US-based Facebook has also made additional changes to identify, remove and prevent paid content that could mislead users of its platform. This includes the popular Instagram photo-sharing app, the UK Market and Competition Authority (CMA) said on Friday.

“We are very committed to the CMA to address this issue. Fraudulent and misleading activity, including offering or trading fake reviews, not permit on our platform,” said a Facebook spokesperson.

In January 2020, competition and market regulators reached an agreement with Facebook to “better identify, investigate and remove other groups and sites that have traded false and misleading reviews and prevent repetition”.

Fake Reviews on E-commerce

The immoral practice of marketers buying false positive reviews on e-commerce sites to increase sales. Or meeting competitors with misleading negative reviews – often coordinate on Facebook and Instagram, according to the CMA.

Facebook has announced plans to stop or ban users who “repeat” groups for fake reviews. Facebook introduced new technology to auto-tag these groups, making it harder for users to find and join groups in advance.

A quick search on the Facebook platform for British groups trading fake reviews appears to yield less obvious questionable results than registering on the topic in 2019 and 2020.

Although the results returned include a number of private groups. It is not possible to immediately check which content require to the members.

Facebook found many groups that are providing reviews for the European markets like France and Spain.

We found someone who would charge a “fee” via PayPal Reviews offering; see below). It believes that Facebook does not pay equal attention to dealing with fake reviews . That traffic by users in a market where they are less exposed to regulatory issues than the UK.

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