Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Facebook Claims to Spent 13$ Billion USD on Users Safety and Security Since 2016

Since the 2016 presidential election, Facebook Inc. has spent more than $13 billion on safety and security measures, and the company currently has 40,000 people focusing on such problems. Facebook said that it has spent over 13$ Billion USD over users security and safety since 2016 Facebook has blocked 3 Billion fake accounts through advance AI.

Outside contractors that specialise in content filtering are among the 40,000 safety and security employees, according to a spokeswoman for the company. In October of this year, Facebook reported having more than 35,000 safety and security workers.

Several stories in the Wall Street Journal last week, based on leaked documents, revealed that despite significant investments, Facebook is struggling to combat a variety of serious issues, including Covid-19 misinformation and illegal human trafficking. The new statistics, which aim to demonstrate how seriously the company takes safety and security issues, were published Tuesday in a blog post.

According to the papers, Facebook’s own researchers frequently highlighted severe problems with improper material or user behaviour on the business’s services, but the corporation failed to correct the problems on a consistent basis. The revelations prompted requests from members of Congress in the United States for an inquiry and potentially hearings on the problems.

Some of these issues were addressed in the blog post, which did not directly refer to any of the newspaper’s pieces. However, despite the fact that the business has historically been sensitive to concerns on the platform, it is attempting to be more proactive by embedding safety and security workers within product teams during the development process.

According to Facebook’s blog, “in the past, we did not address safety and security problems early enough in the product development process.” “However, we have fundamentally shifted our strategy in this regard.”

Facebook also released new data about its worldwide political ad library, which is an archive where users can search for political advertisements that have appeared on Facebook or the Instagram photo-sharing app. Facebook also released new statistics about its global political ad library. Three million individuals use Facebook’s ad library each month, according to Facebook, and the firm rejected 3.5 million political or social ad submissions during the first six months of 2021 because they did not include sufficient information.

According to a story published last week, Instagram knows its product can be emotionally damaging to young women, according to internal research. The company said this week that it is considering “nudges,” which will prompt users to look at healthier content on the service or take a break from scrolling.

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