Sunday, December 10, 2023

Facebook Will Launch Its First Smartwatch With Dual Cameras Next Year

Facebook is working on its first smartwatch, which could be released next summer, according to a report by The Verge. Facebook smartwatches will compete with Apple smartwatches. According to reports, the smartwatch say to have two different cameras. The smartwatch camera will detachable and can use to take photos and videos to share on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp . However the company has not release official statement yet

The report notes that while one camera design for video calls, another detachable camera can shoot video in Full HD or 1080p resolution. The company also wants to find an accessory that can be mounted in the center of this camera.

The watch will base on Google’s updated Wear operating system, which announce at last month’s I/O conference.

This isn’t the first report talking about Facebook building a smartwatch. Previously, the information reported on it and stat that the focus was on health and messaging functions.

Facebook believe to be partnering with two mobile carriers in the US to maintain LTE connectivity in smartwatches, The Verge added.

Facebook Hardware Products

Facebook’s main hardware product right now is Portal, a video calling device with voice assistants designed to accept similar devices from Amazon and Google.

Facebook launched three new portal products in 2019 and currently has a total of four products, but only available in the United States.

Facebook is working with the best wireless carriers in the US to maintain LTE connectivity on the watch, meaning there’s no need to pair the phone to work and sell it in its stores, said a person familiar with the matter.

The watch will be available in white, black, and gold, and Facebook hopes to sell the low-volume six-figure numbers first. That’s a fraction of the total smartwatch market – Apple sells 34 million watches year over year, according to Counterpoint Research.

Facebook wants to release the first version of the watch in the summer of 2022 and is working on the second and third generations for the years to come.

Officials recently discussed the price of the device at around $400, but the price point is subject to change. While unlikely, Facebook could also remove the watch completely, as the device has not yet been mass-produced or even given an official name.

Facebook’s interest in building smartwatches dates back several years. It was considering acquiring Fitbit in 2019 before Google bought the wearable fitness equipment maker.

Since then, the social network has spent about $1 billion developing the first version of its watch. Also hundreds of people are working on it, according to one person familiar with the matter.

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With a customized version of Google’s Android operating system, Facebook plans to build a suite of apps and external partnerships. It will help to create an engaging viewing experience that will include an accompanying phone app.

Even so, wearing a resonant wearable wrist on Facebook is far from guaranteed. Smartwatches with cameras haven’t caught on yet and Apple is already in the upper corner of the market.

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