Monday, December 11, 2023

Facebook Tests new Feature for its Users to Watch Instagram Reels on News Feed in India

Facebook said on Monday that it was testing a new feature on Instagram in which Indian users can share their short 30seconds video on their Facebook news feed. Facebook tests this feature in India so that users can share short videos with good music effects like Tiktok on their News Feed.

In this test, Some Indian users made 30 second roll on Instagram and place the option to share on Facebook.

Additionally, the social media giant announced it will feature its own version of the drum in the main app.

“In India, we are testing the ability of Instagram developers to recommend their drums on Facebook. Developers can reach new audiences and people can create and find more entertaining content,” a Facebook spokesperson told Reuters.

The Instagram Reels feature is a common version of TikTok ByteDance, which allows users to record short mobile videos. These videos containing mostly 30 seconds and add special effects and soundtracks downloaded from the music library.

It was released near TikTok’s ban in India last June after a Chinese app. It caused a stir among Indian consumers for a short video.

TikTok’s success led many social media companies to add short video services to their platforms. In November last year, Snapchat launched the Snap Spot “Spotlight”.

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