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Facebook Puts Down 30 Million Content Pieces During May 15-June 15

Facebook “trafficked” more than 30 million content items in 10 categories with violations in the country from May 15 to June 15. The social media giant said in its first monthly compliance report under IT rules. Instagram took action against about two million songs in nine categories in the same period.

According to the new IT rules, large digital platforms (with more than 5 million users) must issue regular compliance reports every month, detailing complaints received and actions taken.

Reports must also include the number of communication links or certain information. They have been removed or disabled by intermediaries as a result of proactive monitoring using automated tools.

While Facebook operated more than 30 million content in various categories between May 15 and June 15. Instagram took action against about 2 million content.

Facebook Statement on Content Pieces

A Facebook spokesperson said Facebook has consistently invested in technology. People and processes over the years to further develop its programs to protect consumers’ online safety and security. It enable users to show express their opinions freely on the platform without any hesitation.

“We use a combination of artificial intelligence, reports from our community. Ratings from our team to identify and review content according to our guidelines. We will continue to add more information and build on this transparency effort as we develop this report,” a spokesperson said in a statement to PTI.

Facebook said its next report will release on July 15, detailing the complaints it received from users and the actions taken.

“We anticipate that we will publish the next issue of the report 30-45 days after the reporting period to allow time for data collection and validation. Facebook will continue to make our work more transparent. We provide more information about our efforts to retrieve reports in the future. “He added.

Google was the first provider to publish a transparency report under the new IT rules on June 30. This report covers complaints received and actions taken between April 1 and April 30.

Google said there would be a two-month delay in reporting to allow time for data processing and validation.

Google has received 27,762 complaints during this period in which 96.2% was related to copyright. The number of takedown actions taken by Google as a result of the complaint is 59,350.

The IT regulations announced on February 25 require major social media intermediaries or those with more than 5 million users to “publish regular compliance reports every month. Detailing complaints received and actions taken, as well as the number of communication links or specific information. Where intermediaries have removed or denied access as a result of proactive monitoring using automated tools or other relevant information that may be provided.

New IT rules in India

According to IT rules, the main social media intermediary must also appoint a Chief Compliance Officer, Node and Complaints Officer, and this employee must reside in India.

Failure to follow with new IT rules will result in these platforms losing their mediator status. It please them of responsibility for the third party data they host. They can also be responsible in this criminal act.

Spoorthi Priya appointed as complaints offices in India by Facebook recently.

For global digital channels India is an important and huge market

According to data recently cited by the government, India has 53 million users on WhatsApp, 41 million subscribers on Facebook, 21 million subscribers on Instagram. While 1.75 million accounts are owned by the microblogging platform Twitter.

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