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Updated Facebook News Feed give users more control

Facebook says it’s adding capabilities to give users more control over their news feed. The social network’s algorithms for promoting content have come under fire recently. It now says it’s testing features to “modify people’s ranking preferences” and personalize the newsfeed. That means more posts from friends and family and less from groups and pages.

“Easier to access” options like favorited and snooze, which have currently hidden under a settings sub-menu. “We’re going to start small and gradually expand over the next few weeks,” Facebook stated in its announcement. This is part of our ongoing efforts to provide customers more control over their news stream, according to our representative.

The Top Of The List

Faced with political pressure to enable people circumvent Facebook’s ranking systems, In her testimony, Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen repeatedly criticized “engagement-based ranking,” claiming it rewarded divisive and extreme content.

The “Filter Bubble Transparency Act” has introduced by a group of US politicians to ensure that consumers can utilize social networks without algorithmic influence.

That would restore Facebook to its original form. When Facebook was first introduced, it simply displayed all of your friends’ posts, with the most recent appearing first.

Facebook, for one, thinks users don’t want it. According to a recent Washington Post investigation, Facebook has conducted at least two experiments to see what happens when the algorithmic feed is removed.

According to the Post, one of the studies reduced users’ use of Facebook, time spent reading information, and publishing.

This belief, backed by data, that Facebook’s advanced customization software knows what users want better than users themselves, appears to be at the heart of Facebook’s defence of algorithmic rankings, according to the Post.

As of March, Facebook users can access a chronological feed, but it is not the default setting.

On its mobile apps, a “most recent” option appears while scrolling through the Facebook news feed. It only works once. It will return to the algorithmic feed when reopened.

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