Monday, December 4, 2023

Facebook has disabled 1.3 Billion Fake Accounts in Oct-Dec last year

Facebook Inc announced Monday that 1.3 billion fake accounts were downloaded between October and December. That more than 35,000 people were working against misinformation on their platforms.

The company also removed more than 12 million content for COVID-19 . This also include vaccines that have identified as misinformed by global health experts, writes the blog

During the pandemic, false statements and conspiracies about the coronavirus vaccine spread on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

The disclosure of disinformation data from Facebook comes before an examination by the US House of Representatives Energy Committee on how technology platforms, including Facebook, deal with disinformation.

Facebook has also taken steps to crack down on covert operations involving fake accounts.

“We are also investigating and removing covert operations with foreign and domestic influence based on fake accounts. In the past three years, we have removed more than 100 networks of non-authoritative coordinated behavior from our platform,” he said.

Misinformation on Covid-19

Facebook uses artificial intelligence to automatically scan posts even in private groups by removing pages. This is repeatedly violate its rules or that violate social networking standards.

More than one million groups removed last year for violating hate policies. Last year, Facebook removed about 1.5 million group content for violating its organized hate policy. 91 percent of this contribution recognize automated software systems.

During the same period, the leading social networks downloaded about 12 million content in the group. The group is to violate hate speech guidelines, 87 percent of which found to active.

Facebook has started tagging information from trusted sources to connect people with information. The company believes can rely on, including the COVID-19 Information Center, the Climate Science Information Center, and the US Voting Information 2020.

Earlier this month, Facebook announced its new strategy to target audiences and members of its platform. The members who violate so-called “community standards” by limiting their coverage or removing them completely.

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